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Web Applications

Our ultimate aim is to construct applications that solve problems or provide a service to your own customer base. To do so we will first discover all the necessities for your application to function in a smooth, efficient and productive manner. We will provide ideas and solutions to meet your requirements as we move towards reaching a common understanding of the challenges you set out to solve.

We work along side you as we help develop an implementation strategy. Through research, surveys, workshops and benchmarking, we identify the core functionalities of the application. You will then be presented with the conceptual model and structure of the product. We also strive to come up with a project schedule that meets the requirements of both your business and our production timelines, all while sticking to a budget that fits your needs and goals.

Discovering Optimal Solutions
Discovering optimal solutions
Market Evaluation
Market Evaluation
Scheduling and Budgeting
Scheduling and Budgeting

Our App
Development Process

At VirtualTAG, we split our software development work into different phases in order to ensure that we build the application on a solid foundation, with sufficient planning and proficient work management.

The planning phase is important in ensuring the application is built according to a clearly defined purpose and mission. The development phase consists of front-end and back-end development where our developers will work tirelessly in order to meet your requirements. The application we develop will then go through our quality assurance phase to find and remove all bugs to perfect the app before it is finally deployed.

Discovery Phase


Determine the needs and wants to meet the requirements of your custom app.

Solution Proposal


Formulate a solution based on the needs and wants of your business.

Production Planning


Build the conceptual model of the application and list down all key functions.

Development Phase


Full stack application development.

Testing Phase


Test the application to ensure all features are working as required.



Receive client feeback.



Fix bugs found during testing phase and implement client feedback.

Launching Phase


Launch the app from test server to live server after numerous test and bug fixes.

Continuous Feature Improvements


Provide continuous feature improvement service to keep application up-to-date and relevant to market standards.



Provide assistance and ongoing technical support.


Web Design

We provide end-to-end solutions so that you can continue to focus on your business. We work with you closely to understand your business, your target audience, and your online aspirations. A deep understanding of the online space and the behaviour of internet users is needed to create powerful websites. Our website designs are more than unique and attractive. We create designs that are user-friendly, fully-functional, and search engine optimised. You could be located anywhere in the world, our processes will seamlessly integrate with your business. At VirtualTAG we make the development process simple, effective, and efficient. Also, as your business evolves over time, we will modify the functionalities and tools according to your specific needs. Consider us an extension of your core business team.

Web Hosting

Do you need a reliable, yet cost effective web hosting solution? We offer that and more with HostingElephants.com. It’s fast, secure, and comes with a host of services which you wouldn’t believe can be offered at our hosting prices. Plus, when you have your website built by VirtualTAG, you will receive 12 months of web hosting for free!

Our server is located with AWS (Amazon Web Services) in order to comply with the Government’s data sovereignty requirements which AWS are an approved provider. By utilising AWS as our server provider, our client’s web applications and websites operate at optimal speeds and utilise the latest server technologies. We are excited to be exploring AI (artificial intelligence) through the AWS resources for developers.

Branding and Graphic Design

Professional or trendy, modern or timeless, at VirtualTAG we have vast experience in creating designs that are aligned to your marketing vision. What sets us apart is our passion for corporate branding and graphic design for all sized businesses. We will not rest until you are thrilled. Our designs are clean and uncluttered, and take into account what your target audience will appreciate. We create designs that are creative and compelling, while being highly effective in achieving your marketing goals.

We Can Help Any Organisation or Person With an Idea

Government Agencies

With more government agencies moving online, we have had to align our infrastructure to meet the NZ Government data sovereignty requirements. We have worked with some government agencies to streamline their existing online/offline processes by building custom cloud software specifically tailored to their needs.

Energy Industry

With metering data being digitised, we are able to develop apps to capture and report data on a cloud based dashboard, allowing organisations to monitor multiple regions and meters from one central location, from anywhere and at anytime with an internet connection.

Banking Industry

More organisations are recognising that they need to stay ahead of their competition by adopting the use of technology. Through the use of encryption and other online security measures we can support banking systems.

Telecommunication Industry

With the large adoption of smartphone users, telecommunication companies have had to transition to cloud based solutions to make their customer information accessible to many users, from any location with an internet connection. To solve this, telecommunication companies turn to apps as the solution.

Insurance Industry

With the developments in artificial learning, insurance companies are able to tap into the use of automated algorithmic learning, to capture users online browsing data to calculate insurance cover and ratings. The artificial intelligence industry is growing at a rapid rate which will redefine industries by apps that utilise them in a unique way.

Transport Industry

Transport systems are constantly being improved. An opportunity is available through the use of custom cloud software and tracking technology which can be automated to monitor various transport vehicles at one time, from a central platform giving quick visibility of fleet management.

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