Monthly Web Maintenance

VirtualTAG has created a maintenace package to keep your website secure and working well.

VirtualTAG Monthly Web Maintenance Package


/ Month

We have created the VirtualTAG Monthly Web Maintenance Package which includes the following:

Scanning icon

Scanning your entire website
and database for any
hidden malicious content

Implementation icon

Implementing the newest and
best security features available
for the CMS

Safety icon

Safely removing malicious content found on your website/database

Monitor icon

Monitor the website for
down time and quickly get it back
online if the site goes down

Update icon

Updating outdated
plugins and CMS

Support icon

Up to one hour of
simple content changes
to your website

Website maintenance service - VirtualTAG

We highly recommend protecting your website with a VirtualTAG Monthly Web Maintenance Package. The purpose of the Monthly Web Maintenance Package is to keep your website secure and up to date, providing guaranteed maintenance.

All websites are built on a Content Management System (CMS). The CMS stores the content of your website and allows you to make changes to that content. Websites all have plugins to enable certain functions such as contact forms and image galleries. The external CMS and plugin authors make regular updates to improve the functionality and security of plugins and websites.

However, when such updates are made on CMS versions and plugins, website owners will experience issues because their plugins and CMS versions immediately become outdated. The outdated plugins and CMS versions can cause malfunctions to the website and even more alarming is that outdated plugins and CMS versions can leave your website very vulnerable for hackers to exploit.

Hackers tend to scan the internet to find websites with outdated plugins and CMS versions, through which they can infiltrate their websites and insert malicious content. For example, inserting links to their own website or inserting random ads that appear on your website that the hackers earn money from.

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