Trending Business Apps in 2017

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Top 5 Trending Business Mobile Apps in 2017

In the modern world, no business can successfully run without using latest online tools and mobile apps. When your every competitor is using these apps to increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, it can only hurt your business if you choose a different direction.

With more than half of your customers using smart and mobile devices, businesses can make the most out of this opportunity by using smart mobile apps. The only problem is – there are tons of mobile apps to choose from that are always confusing.

More and more people are buying and interacting with businesses using mobile devices.

With the help of mobile devices and cloud services, businesses are no more dependent on the office desktops – working 9 to 5 only. Now, the business runs 24/7 on online tools, mobile apps, and cloud-based services.

According to technology experts and latest trends, 2017 will be the year of small businesses developing mobile apps. Why? – Because most consumers now interact, buy, search, and compare businesses on mobile devices.

In this article, we have listed the top 5 must-have mobile apps in 2017 for small and medium businesses.

1. Buffer App

You can’t survive without social media marketing, can you? With billions using social media every day, one of the best ways to keep ahead of your competitors is well structured and effective marketing campaigns all across the social media platforms.

For this, you need Buffer App. Create social media posts, schedule same posts for different social media platforms, create multiple posts at the same time and schedule them for days or even weeks.

Tip: The best way to make the most out of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is to schedule 3 posts a day, scheduled after 8 hours each.

2. Salesforce1

Every business owner wants an app that allows him to not only keep an eye on business but also to run it on mobile, even after office hours. For this, one of the best apps that keep you connected with your customers, employees, and business is Salesforce1.

One of its core strengths is providing business owners with detailed customer information. With the better understanding of customer needs and expectations, businesses can also use this app for marketing, customer service, and sales based on customer-centric approach.

Tip: The best use of this app is to collect customer information to develop a client-centered business model.

3. HappyFox

You can’t run a business without an effective customer service, can you? When most businesses still depend on 9 to 5 customer support during office hours, others find a solution to provide assistance to needy customers 24/7 in the form of mobile apps.

This one is great for small and medium businesses with small teams or business owner acting as support staff as well. All you need is your mobile to answer customer queries, take calls, and handle tickets.

Tip: The concept of remote customer service is getting popular. Your customers expect you to answer their queries at any time of the day without long delays. For this, apps like HappyFox are a great help.

4. Sprout Social

When Buffer App is the easiest way to schedule social media posts, Sprout Social is one of the best mobile apps to keep an eye on all the activity on your social media pages. It is one of the best data management and analytic tools for social media platforms.

Tip: Social media is a great source to learn about latest trends, customer needs, feedback and their expectations, but only if you have apps like Sprout Social.

5. Accompany

One of the must-use mobile apps for busy entrepreneurs who are moving ahead with a lot of things on their plate. This app keeps you ahead of your game by researching all the important information for you about any company, event, and topic if you are attending a meeting or contacting investors.

This app simply does all the preparation for you ahead of any meeting by providing you all the latest information and doing research. It also creates summary profiles of all of your contacts based on their online profiles and activities.

Tip: You can also use this app to do research on any topic along with keeping an eye on your competitors by creating their updated profiles through this app.

There are tons of more mobile apps out there, but these five can get you started with your business.

The best thing about mobile apps is – you can easily get a custom made app that caters to your specific needs, for a very affordable price. Learn more about custom mobile apps by contacting our support.

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