The Team

The team at Virtual TAG has combined experience in various markets throughout the world; Japan, Malaysia, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Brazil and New Zealand. All our team members at VirtualTAG are dedicated to one thing - helping you succeed with your business. Every team member at VirtualTAG has had some level of success in their own respective fields before joining VirtualTAG. We are a highly motivated team who want to achieve the best and provide exceptional service and products to our clients.

  • Eparama Tuibenau

    Managing Director

    Eparama Tuibenau

    Eparama (Eps) founded VirtualTAG in 2011, while living in Japan. Leaving high school at the age of 17 without any qualifications, Eparama went on to study Graphic Design. He worked in different sized agencies in Auckland and Tokyo and eventually diversified into other areas of the industry, including web design and development, before founding Virtual TAG. Eparama brings over 14 years of industry experience and strives for perfection in everything Virtual TAG delivers to our clients. He has the ambition to strive for the best, keeping the 'continuous improvement' moto applied to every aspect of VirtualTAG, which is derived from the Japanese saying 'Kaizen'. Since taking on the first employee in 2013, Virtual TAG has continued to grow rapidly in size and expertise.

  • Lucas Baranovic

    Senior Software Developer

    Lucas Baranovic

    Lucas Baranovic is one of our Senior Developers and has over 15 years experience in the Information Technology industry, covering database administration, web development, software engineering, and user interface design. Lucas has worked with various types of organisations over his years of experience, including working as a project leader/IT manager for the Argentinian Government.

  • Samith Ganepola

    Senior Test Analyst

    Samith Ganepola

    Samith (Sam) Ganepola is VirtulTAG's Senior Test Analyst with many years of experience in the banking and business sector. Sam provides a unique advantage as a QA because Sam has prior experience as a web developer, giving him the ability to understand code at a deeper level. Sam has a Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science with Special Honors in Information Technology, ITIL® certified, and is a Certified Scrum Master. Sam brings a lot of value and insight to our team in order to provide the best for our clients.

  • Fernando Greiffo

    Senior Software Developer

    Fernando Greiffo

    Fernando Greiffo is one of our Senior Developers and has over 8 years experience in the web development industry. Fernando has advanced experience in PHP and API integrations as well as server configuration. Fernando has a wide range of experience in the web development industry covering, PHP, OOP, Virtual Store, SQL/MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javacript/jQuery, and more.



    Melerie Lim

    Chris Bandara has over 6 years of web development experience. Chris has experience working in both web development companies and as a web developer in the finance industry. Chris is well qualified with a Bachelor of Science, special Honors in Information Technology. Chris has advanced Bootstrap experience with a lot of front-end requirements.

  • Melerie Lim

    Creative and Web Design

    Melerie Lim

    With a passion to beautify, Melerie Lim is determined to create designs that both meet client’s requirements, and are in line with the latest design trends. Melerie's skills include graphic design, digital illustration, front-end HTML & CSS coding, video editing and small-scale animations. Melerie was top of her class in her major in Digital Media, Bachelor of Communication Studies at Auckland University of Technology.

  • Tássia Alves

    Business Analyst

    Tássia Alves

    Tassia’s role at Virtual TAG involves defining, analysing and documenting the client’s requirements from the beginning of the project, in order to ensure that the technical solution developed meets these requirements. She is an experienced business analyst who has over 5 years experience gained through a range of roles, including working for small businesses, government agencies and multinational companies. Tassia has a Masters in Business Administration in Strategic Project Management along with a Bachelor of Analysis and Systems Development.

  • Emma Chan

    Accounts Administrator

    Emma Chan

    Emma Chan handles the day to day administration at VirtualTAG. The majority of her time is dedicated to the accounts department. With a Graduate Diploma in Business and a Bachelor of Education, Emma brings diverse experience to her administration role.

  • Bruno Sousa de Oliveira

    Android Developer

    Bruno Sousa de Oliveira

    Bruno works for Virtual TAG developing native Android apps. He has over 5 years of experience as a software developer working with a range of technologies, including Android Native, Java, C# .NET, PL/SQL, SQL Server. Bruno has a Bachelor in Computer Science and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Project Management.

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