The FOUNDING of VirtualTAG

Eparama Tuibenau was born on a small island in Fiji called Vatoa when there was no electricity, no vehicles and a population of less than 300. At the age of six his parents decided to migrate to Auckland, New Zealand. They moved around a great deal and Eparama ended up attending more than 13 different primary and secondary schools combined. After high school Eparama trained and worked as a graphic designer in Auckland.

At the age of 23, Eparama and his partner moved to Japan and he found himself working at a Japanese advertising agency in Tokyo, and later at Metropolis Magazine, a publication for expats living in Tokyo. Through the connections he had established while working in Tokyo, Eparama decided to take the plunge and leave the security of full time employment to start his own web development company.

About 18 months later, Eparama and his wife decided it was time to move back to New Zealand with their young daughter. He brought the business with him to New Zealand and registered it as VirtualTAG Ltd and continued to work with his clients in Japan, as well as establishing new clients in New Zealand.

In the five years since moving back to New Zealand, Eparama has continued to work hard to build VirtualTAG to a company of 10 staff, working from an office on the city fringe. The company is making the exciting transition into the Saas (software as a service) business model to become a full software company. VirtualTAG Ltd prides itself in striving to go above and beyond the expected duties for their loyal clients and also provides some sponsorship to various charities.


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