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Energyco Limited Commercial Energy is New Zealand’s leading provider of metered hot and cold water to residential apartments and commercial premises. They provide delivered energy solutions for gas, water heating, water and waste to body corporates, hotels, factories, rest homes and more. Energy Co. designs, installs and retro-fits metering systems to existing residential and new apartment complexes and also provide energy management systems to Body Corporates, Hotel, Building Managers etc.

We replaced their outdated website and integrated a Payment Express function for their customers to pay their account through the Energy Co website. The website is optimised for smartphones allowing customers and website visitors to view the website on their mobile devices in a user-friendly format. Customers can login and see their balance and transaction history. Energy Co Admin can update balances of user accounts, update general customer information and add transactions manually.

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We created a temperature monitoring system to monitor the water temperatures at various apartment complexes throughout Auckland.  If the water temperature drops below a certain point, an alert will be sent via SMS and email to the necessary engineer and facility manager. The administrator has the ability to set temperature ranges and assign persons to be notified. We also built the IoT device to be able to read and send the temperature of the water and also the status of a gas burner if the unit was active, to the server.

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